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· Cleaner energy will be hot topic in winter


Gas and ethanol to replace coal in many areas as fuel-change transformation heats up

· Qinghai province sets record in 9-day clean energy trial


China has set a world record in Qinghai province, where 6 million people used nothing but clean energy for nine consecutive days - a testament to China s commitment to a low-carbon future

· Subsidy cut to cool solar sector


New rules to reduce national feed-in tariffs for the photovoltaic industry will stabilize China s rapidly growing and overheating solar power sector, and make electricity cheaper for consumers in the long term, according to analysts

· China to intensify research on clean energy


The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has recently initiated an integrated research project on clean energy to offer technological support for China s improvements to energy structure and sustainable development

· Qinghai starts 9-day clean energy power supply project


Northwest China s Qinghai province on Wednesday initiated a nine-day clean energy power supply project following a successful seven-day trial last year

· A big market for clean energy firms


As the share of renewable energy in most Central and Eastern European countries is still significantly lower than the European Union s 2030 target, insiders see massive potential for Chinese clean energy companies in the region

· China finds greener way to make lithium batteries


A new method for extracting lithium in a greener and more efficient way has passed China s state-level appraisal, paving way for its commercialization to boost the new energy sector

· China Focus: China fuels clean energy growth


Three Chinese-made typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbines, one of the world s most powerful of their kind, have been running at full power this month in Xinghua Gulf, east China s Fujian Province

· Tibet solar energy park to benefit 2,000 poor families


Construction of China s largest photovoltaic industrial park has begun in Samdrubze district of Shigatse, Tibet autonomous region, with the project expected to house 2,000 families from poverty-stricken areas

· China wastes less renewable energy in Q1


China wasted less renewable energy in the first quarter of this year, the country s top energy regulator said Tuesday

· Nuclear giant promotes public awareness of clean energy


China General Nuclear Power Group, China s largest nuclear operator, reported that the clean energy power it sold to the grid reached 211 9 billion kilowatt-hours in 2017, equivalent to the entire provincial power consumption of Fujian province

· China to build 525-MW hydropower station on Yangtze tributary


China plans to build a 525-MW hydropower station on the Wujiang River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, in Southwest China s Chongqing municipality

· China's CGN a major player in global clean energy markets


CGN is expected to be operational in March 2019, said He Yu, chairman of CGN, who spoke during the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference on Monday

· China, Ukraine discuss renewable energy cooperation


Chinese and Ukrainian business people and officials on Friday participated in a roundtable to discuss renewable energy cooperation

· China becomes driving force for global surge in solar energy investment


China has become the driving force behind the global surge in investment in solar energy, which surpassed that in fossil fuel in 2017, a UN spokesman said Friday

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