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China Mining 2004: Mining Recovery

2021-08-31 09:40:24

China Mining 2004: Mining Recovery
Theme: Strengthening international exchanges and cooperation to promote the prosperity and development of mining industry
Time: November 16, 2004
Place: Beijing, China
Highlight: Mining recovery
In November, the "2004 China Mining International Symposium" was held in Beijing. More than 1,000 domestic and foreign representatives attended the meeting, including more than 500 foreign representatives from nearly 30 countries and regions. Then Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech. The Meeting identified that China will actively promote resource saving and environment protection, deepening the reform of mining system, strengthen exploration, exploitation and  international cooperation. Encouraging new measures that guide the healthy development of mining industry, promote exploration and exploitation in harmony with the environment protection in mines, meet the demand of economic and social development for mineral resources through establishing a diversified, stable, economical and secure supply system.

After years of downturn, China's mining industry, along with the rest of the world, is starting to recover. Strengthening cooperation and exchange has become the top priority for China's mining development. The conference proposed that in order to follow the economic and mining globalization as well as the global allocation of mineral resources, China will make rational use of both domestic and foreign resources and markets under the new situation of improving the market economic system, continuously expanding the opening up and accelerating the development of science and technology.
In the past, we built our own industrial system and achieved a sustained, rapid and sound economic and social development with domestic resources. In the future, China will definitely take full advantage of domestic resources, revitalizing the mining industry by scientific and technological innovation, promote and guarantee the sustainable development of economic society by sustainable development and utilization of mineral resources.