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China Mining 2003: "Bringing in" and "Going out"

2021-08-30 15:31:40


China Mining 2003
Theme: Enhance exchanges and cooperation to promote reform and development
Time: October 27, 2003
Place: Kunming, Yunnan province
Highlight: Gradually implement the resource strategy of "bringing in" and "going out"
In October 2003, the "2003 China mining International Symposium" was held in Kunming. More than 300 delegates from 14 countries and regions attended the conference, including 140 foreign delegates. Zeng Peiyan, then Vice Premier of The State Council, extended congratulations. The "2003 China Mining International Symposium" was held after the successful holding of APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and ASEAN Business and Investment Summit. The conference focused on the evolution of China's mining policy and regional mining cooperation. The meeting also proposed that China will continue to strengthen the exploration of domestic resources, accelerate the establishment and improvement of the mining market system, complete the compensation system for use of resources, comprehensively rectify and standardize the order of mineral resources exploration, and further expand the international cooperation in mining.