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China Mining 1999: Laws and Practice

2021-08-19 15:46:52

Theme: Promote further Opening of Mining Industry
Time : October 26, 1999
Place: Dalian, Liaoning Province, China
Highlight: Chinese Mining Industry Seeks New Breakthroughs
Introduction: The first China Mining Conference and Exhibition was named "China Mining 1999: Laws and Practice", it was held in Dalian in October 1999. More than 170 delegates from 10 countries and regions attended the meeting, about 70 of the 170 delegates were from foreign countries. The event shared the mining laws and regulations, investment policies, mineral resources and possible areas for cooperation of China to the international mining industry. Foreign mining companies and investors have gained their understanding to China. The meeting promoted the opening up of Chinese mining industry through the direct dialogue between mining enterprises home and abroad. After the meeting, more than 20 exploration blocks were launched for foreign investors to choose and invest, and Yunnan Province in south China was selected to be the mining system reform pilot.