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CMA Attends Receptions and Activities of Embassies

2024-05-07 16:22:58

China Mining

BEIJING, MAY.7 (CHINA MINING) -- From 24 to 30 April, Mr Cong Weike, Chief Supervisor of CMA, was invited to attend the celebration of the 233rd anniversary of the promulgation of the May 3rd Constitution in Poland, the 2nd Silk Road Investment and Mining Project Exhibition in Mongolia, the National Day Reception in South Africa, and the High-Level Conference on Infrastructure Investment for Development in Argentina.
During the meeting, Mr.Cong Weike exchanged views with the Ambassadors of many countries in China, and hoped to invite the Ministers and Ambassadors of mining to attend CHINA MINING 2024, which be held in Tianjin in late October. He also said that CMA has been committed to building an international exchange platform and actively promoting international co-operation in the mining industry for many years, and he hoped to continue to give full play to its advantages, integrate international and domestic resources, provide member enterprises with professional services from multiple perspectives, create an innovative platform for investment promotion, and serve as a bridge for domestic and foreign mining enterprises to communicate with each other.