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CMA Visits the Embassy of KSA in China

2024-04-23 15:29:04

China Mining

BEIJING, APR.3 (China Mining) Mr Cong Weike, Chief Supervisor of China Mining Association (CMA), visited the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in China, and had a friendly talk with Deputy Ambassador Ali Al Othman.
During the meeting, Mr Cong Weike introduced CMA, reviewed the co-operation between CMA and Saudi Arabia in the past year, and put forward several suggestions for the future co-operation between the two sides. Deputy Ambassador Ali Osman expressed his approval of the suggestions of Mr Cong Weike and emphasized that the Saudi government is trying to build a more diversified economic structure, and is strongly supporting the development of the domestic mining industry, which will become one of the pillars of the national economy in the future. The Saudi Embassy in China will do its best to promote the mining co-operation between the two countries and actively build a platform for future mining exchanges.
Ahmed Alsanea, official of the Economic and Cultural Section of the Saudi Embassy in China, and relevant staff from the International Cooperation and Research Department of China Mining Association attended the meeting.