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Peng Qiming meets the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to China online

2022-06-24 08:43:29

China Mining

BEIJING, Jun. 21(Chinamining)--Peng Qiming, President and Party Secretary of China Mining Association, met online with Siyabonga C Cwele, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to China. They had a good communication on mining cooperation, briefed on the China Mining Conference and Exhibition to be held in September and had candid exchanges on further in-depth cooperation.
Chairman Peng Qiming introduced the development status and direction of China's mining industry and put forward three suggestions. First, mining plays a very solid role in the economy, especially for developing countries. Second, the mining industry is reshaping its image to develop in the direction of safety, green, innovation and integration. Third, mining cooperation plays an important role in international production capacity cooperation. Finally, he sincerely invited Ambassador Xie Shengwen to attend the 2022 China Mining Conference and Exhibition. He hopes that South Africa Embassy will continue to support the 2022 China Mining Conference and Exhibition, and looks forward to ambassador's attendance at the online opening ceremony. At the same time,he suggested that the Embassy and mining organizations in South Africa can participate in the online exhibition and attend the series of programs including seminars and mining interviews sponsored by China Mining Association.
The staff of the International Cooperation and Research Department of China Mining Association introduced to Ambassador the functions and highlights of the National Pavilion of The 2022 China  Mining Conference and Exhibition through a power point presentation.
In his speech, Siyabonga C Cwele said that the China Mining Conference and Exhibition is the top mining event in Asia, which not only promotes mining development and trade, but also provides a valuable showcase opportunity for South Africa. Mining has been the backbone of South Africa for centuries.Even under the impact of the pandemic, mining remains a major driver of South Africa's economic growth. Future mining cooperation between South China and China should focus on developing new minerals and producing high-quality ores. South Africa is open and ready to welcome investors from China and other parts of the world. The South African Embassy in China is willing to work with China Mining Association to contribute to the mining cooperation between the two countries. Siyabonga C Cwele also said South Africa will actively participate in the 2022 Online China Mining Conference and Exhibition, while using the cloud platform to show Chinese investors some successful cases of Chinese enterprises investing in South Africa's mining industry. He is also willing to contact relevant departments in South Africa to participate in this year's China International Mining Conference and promote mining cooperation between South Africa and China.
The meeting was also attended by CMA’s Secretary General Che Changbo, Deputy Secretary Suo Yaoli, staff of relevant departments and Economic Counsellor  of the Embassy of South Africa to China, Gary James Smith, and First Secretary of Econo