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Chinese March thermal coal imports at four-year high

Platts       Updated: 2018-04-26 15:27:17

Chinese March thermal coal imports were 12.52 million mt, up 32% month on month, 56% from the year-ago month, and the highest monthly total since March 2014, according to customs data released Wednesday.
The multi-year high comes amid many rumors circulating in March import restrictions at Chinese ports would soon be announced, which were later proven accurate in April when the restrictions came into effect.
Australia was the largest supplier to China for the second straight month with 5.06 million mt, up 21% month on month and 58% from the year-ago month.
Imports from Indonesia were 4.77 million mt, up 29% month on month and 87% from the year-ago month.

Imports of Russian coal were 1.68 million mt, an increase of 58% on-month and 24% on-year. It was the largest monthly volume of Russian coal to China since December 2013.
Mongolia, Malaysia, Canada and the US attributed an additional 1.01 million mt, up 91% on-month and 10% on-year.


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