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China Mining 2002: Opportunities and Chanllenges after Entering WTO

2021-08-30 10:53:47

2002 China mining International Symposium
Theme: Actively Fulfill commitments and adapt to rules
Time: October 22, 2002
Place: Chongqing, China
Highlight: China's entry into WTO, opportunities and challenges of China mining industry
In October 2002, " 2002 China mining International Symposium" was held in Chongqing. More than 200 delegates from 16 countries and regions attended the conference, among them, 109 delegates were from foreign countries. The conference expressed that the Chinese government will actively fulfill its commitment to WTO rules, adapt to the requirements, and strive to improve the environment for foreign investment. An in-depth discussion was held during the conference on the issues that China’s mining industry faced such as the opportunities and challenges after China’s entry into WTO, the theory and practice of mining financing, further opening up to the outside world, sustainable development and other issues of common concern.
The conference put forward the new which is an important guiding policy for the utilization of foreign investment in China in the new era, and the basis for guiding the examination and approval of foreign investment projects and the application of relevant policies for foreign enterprises. The new catalogue displayed China's all-round, multilevel and wide-range utilization of foreign capital policy in a better way. It combined foreign investment with the adjustment of China’s industrial and product structure as well as the reform of state-owned enterprises organically. Meanwhile, in terms of foreign commercial policy, the catalogue showed the specific implementation of western development strategy,  determination of fulfilling the commitments of its entering into WTO , further purification of mining development environment, cleaned up laws and regulations, rectified the order of resource management, and reformed the geological prospecting system by building a market for mining rights.