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China Mining 2001: Reform and Prospect of Mining Industry in the New Centry

2021-08-25 11:11:30

China Mining 2001
Theme: Enhance understanding, strengthen cooperation and promote common development of mining industry
Time : September 20, 2001
Place : Xi 'an, Shaanxi province, China
Highlight: Reform and prospect of mining industry in the new century
Introduction: In September 2001, "China Mining 2001 International Seminar" was held in Xi 'an. Nearly 200 delegates from 11 countries and regions attended the meeting. The Embassies of Canada and Australia are co-sponsors for the first time. Wen Jiabao, then Vice Premier of The State Council of China, met with some delegates attending the "China Mining 2001 International Seminar", and Zou Jiahua, then vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), sent a congratulatory letter to the conference.

This conference showed the major changes of China's geological exploration and mining system in the new era. China Mining 2001 International Seminar proposed the seperation of the public welfare and profit-making geological work in our country according to the principle of separating the enterprise from administration and seperating the functions of the government from those of public institutions. The conference realized the major reform of geological prospecting system, China has abolished five national commissions and administrations related to mining, which has greatly improved problems such as multiple management, overlapping powers and unclear responsibilities. In order to encourage foreign companies to carry out mining cooperation in China, China is gradually improving the relevant laws, corresponding policy has formed for foreign companies to carry out risk exploration in China, China is to rectify the economic order including the mining order.